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Videos are best used as supplements to actual face to face instruction. If you can't find a local instructor, we can help you find one of the many weekend workshops offered all over the US and the world. These workshops are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors... Just submit your email above to join TheTaiChiSite.com Tai Chi Workshops newsletter. See also our list of Tai Chi Books

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Videos
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming started teaching in 1961 and has founded approximately 50 schools in 18 countries and is the founder of YMAA: Yang's Martial Arts Association of Boston, MA. His schools teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane Gongfu. He is a prolific author of books and tapes on Tai Chi Chuan, Chin Na, Kung Fu, and Qigong.
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