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  • Tai Chi Sword - The 32 Forms - by gold medal winner Dr. Paul Lam. The Tai Chi Sword 32 form. Also includes demonstration of the combined 48 form.
  • Tai Chi Sword Forms - by Bob Klein. "There are two forms on this tape 1) the Chen Man-Ching form and 2) a fighting form. The first uses slow, relaxing movements similar to the open hand Yang form. The second is more energetic with intricate movements and spinning of the sword around the body. With each form, you see it straight through at regular pace and then the form is shown with stops between each movement and voice over instructions. Then the self defense applications are demonstrated, one and two person sword exercises are taught and at the end, some sword sparring shown." Bob Klein
  • Two Tai-chi Sword Forms - by Bob Klein. A 2 hour Video that shows two separate Tai Chi Sword forms. One is the standard Yang Style form. The second is a faster, quicker and more complicated form. There is also a separate section with self defense applications, sword exercises and sword sparring. Despite the title both forms are single sword forms. Bob Klein is a well regarded instructor of the Chen Man-Ching school.
  • Tai Chi Sword - by Master Shou-Yu Liang. Directed and voice over by Master Wen Ching Wu. Covers the 32 form Tai Chi sword. Each part is demonstrated four times. Includes both front and back views.
  • Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style - by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Vadas Mihaly & Robert Was. This Video was developed specifically to help Tai Chi players "catch the feeling" of the Tai Chi sword form. It includes solo and partner drills. It is sponsored by YMAA: Yang's Martial Arts Association of Boston, MA
  • Tai Chi Sword Books
    • The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship: The Manual of Taiji Jian - by Zhang Yun. Ever wonder about the martial applications of the jianpao (the tassel) of the double edged Taiji sword... It has several... and the jianpao affects proper Taiji sword form. The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship has this information and everything else you could ever want to know about Taiji swordsmanship. Includes specific info about the 32 posture Wu form with pictures and detailed explanations... but the book is applicable to all styles of Tai Chi sword. If you practice a sword form this one is a necessity... unfortunately it's a book not a Video but get it anyway.
    • Taiji Sword - by Chen Wei-Ming with Barbara Davis as translator. Yang Style Tai Chi Sword. This is the classic text on Tai Chi sword. Chen Wei-Ming was a longtime student of the taiji grand master Yang Cheng-Fu. Chen Wei-Ming eventually became famous himself as a scholar, martial artist, and proponent of the Yang style Tai Chi. In the 1920s he wrote a number of influential books on Tai Chi, including Taiji Sword (1927). Includes pictures of each of the postures of the form. The translation is scholarly, and Barbara Davis added a lot of useful information with her footnotes and commentary. This one is also a book as opposed to a video.
  • Tai Chi Fan
    • Tai Chi Single Fan - by Master Helen Wu. Direction and voice over by Master Wen-Ching Wu. "The Tai Chi Single Fan routine incorporates movements from the Chen, Yang, Wu, W and Sun styles of Tai Chi Chuan. It was created by Professor Wang, Ju-Rong; the first woman professor of Chinese martial arts. This routine combines the characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan with the artistic and martial functions of the fan." Master Helen Wu was born in Shanghai, China in 1956. She was trained by her grandfather, Wang Zi-Ping, and her mother, Professor Wang Ju-Rong, the first woman professor of Chinese martial arts in China. She started her traditional Chinese Martial Arts training at age 3 which included Chaquan, Tantui, Baji, Green Dragon Sword, Qiankun Ring.
    • Tai Chi Double Fan - by Master Helen Wu. Direction and by Master Wen-Ching Wu. Voice over by Denise Wu.. Well produced with both front and rear view demonstrations of the fan routine. The entire routine is demonstrated at both the start and the end of the Video In between, the fan routine is presented in four sections. Each section is performed with a front view and with four rear view demonstrations.
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