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Videos are best used as supplements to actual face to face instruction. If you can't find a local instructor, we can help you find one of the many weekend workshops offered all over the US and the world. These workshops are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors... Just submit your email above to join TheTaiChiSite.com Tai Chi Workshops newsletter. See also our list of Tai Chi Books

Tai Chi Music CDs
  • Tai Chi Melody - by Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra. Specifically composed for the practice of Tai Chi. One deficiency is the track for the Yang 24 form. It's only 6 minutes long... and as you become more senior you will want to slow the form down to 7 or 8 minutes.
  • Chi Gong - by Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra. Music to listen to when practicing Tai Chi.
  • Tai Chi Music - Dr. Paul Lam. Tai Chi music on a CD to enhance Tai Chi practice. Includes four tracks: 1. Meditation in Motion - Gentle and graceful 2. Silk Reeling - Inner power and spiral force 3. River of Qi - Flowing inner energy 4. Gentle Wind - Relaxing and gentle. Composer is Jenny Ly, Performers include: Flute Megan Hobbs, Violin Sharon Lee. See also the CD Tai Chi, Vol. 2 (Mind, Body, Soul Series) by Llewellyn and Dr Paul Lam.
  • Tai Chi by Various Artists. - "unify body and soul for health through gentle movements" Tracks include: 1. Sunrise-Hans Andre Stamm 2. The Wide Stream-Hans Andre Stamm 3. Megh-Nandin Baker 4. Dawn-Hans Andre Stamm 5. Shakti-Nandin Baker 6. Melody for Qingwen-Hans Andre Stamm 7. Malkauns-Nandin Baker 8. The Lotus-Hans Andre Stamm.
  • Others: Tai Chi Healing by Various Artists; Meditations: Art of Tai Chi - by Various Artists; Tai Chi Reflections by Various Artists
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