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Erle Montaigue Video and Books
Pressure Points and Dim Mak
Erle Montaigue is an Australian who is a prolific teacher and author on Chinese Internal Martial arts. He has spent much time learning and teaching Dim Mak pressure point techniques (the proverbial "death touch"). Erle Montaigue is considered controversial and too nontraditional by some. An interview with Erle Montaigue
  • Erle Montaigue Video
  • Erle Montaigue Books
    • Dim-Mak: Death Point Striking - by Erle Montaigue. Dim-mak is a system of strikes to vital acupuncture points. Teaches martial and healing applications of the most dangerous points, plus setup points, multiple point strikes and neurological shutdown points. Also provides information on QiGong and applying specific taiji postures and sequences for treating specific ailments.
    • Ultimate Dim-Mak: How To Fight A Grappler And Win - by Erle Montaigue. How to counter the moves favored by no-holds-barred grapplers and how to counter them... before the grappler takes you to the ground. And what to do once you find yourself on the ground with a grappler.
    • The Encyclopedia of Dim Mak... the Main Meridians - by Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson. Combines Erle Montaigue's pressure points expertise with that of a top Australian acupuncturist. Addresses both the healing and martial sides of dim-mak. Every point on each of the 12 main energy meridians is examined in depth. Gives both the combat uses and the healing uses to each and every point. It covers not only where every point is located, but also what happens when they are struck at different angles and different levels of force. A prodigious compilation of data with detailed photos and illustrations... requires study to get everything out of the book that is there. Much of the information is written in fairly technical terms and you may want to keep a dictionary handy as you read it.
    • The Encyclopedia of Dim Mak... the Extra Meridians, Points, and More - by Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson. The companion to The Encyclopedia of Dim Mak... the Main Meridians. Covers the 8 extra meridians, the extra and new points and much more. Explains the significance of the extra meridians and points.
    • Advanced Dim-Mak: The Finer Points Of Death-Point Striking - by Erle Montaigue. Montaigue's second book on Dim Mak.
    • Dim-Mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas: Points Of No Return - by Erle Montaigue. Training in 12 forms of dim-mak, based on the points along the acupuncture meridians. Also show how to respond to attacks with 12 corresponding free-sparring techniques, or san shou.
    • Baguazhang - by Erle Montaigue. First, to instill balance, timing and coordination, the author introduces the bagua training method of walking the circle while executing the 64 palm changes. Has photos of each posture and its practical application. Then presents the fighting form.
    • Untraditional Hsing-I - by Erle Montaigue and Robb Whitewood. The third Chinese martial art, While Bagua is circular... Hsing-I is composed of straight lines.
    • Power Taiji - by Erle Montaigue and Michael Babin. Both the traditional slow forms as well as fast and explosive forms. Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi. Includes martial applications.
    • Tai Chi - by Erle Montaigue. Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi.
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