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Videos are best used as supplements to actual face to face instruction. If you can't find a local instructor, we can help you find one of the many weekend workshops offered all over the US and the world. These workshops are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors... Just submit your email above to join TheTaiChiSite.com Tai Chi Workshops newsletter. See also our list of Tai Chi Books

Terence Dunn / Scott Cole / Dr. Keith Jeffrey Videos
  • Terence Dunn
    • T'ai Chi for Health - Yang Short Form - by Terence Dunn teaching the The Yang 37 Short Form. 10 minutes of breathing and warm-up exercises. Next is a 30-minute introduction to the basic postures, then a full hour of step-by-step instruction and practice of the 37 postures of the Yang Short Form... Ends with an eight-minute demonstration of the complete Yang Short Form, showing how the postures flow together... all framed against a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. Also consider the complimentary book Master Cheng's New Method of T'Ai Chi Self-Cultivation by Cheng Man-Ching (considered the definitive text on the Yang short form and illustrated with picture of Master Cheng Man Ching)
    • T'ai Chi For Health: Yang Long Form - by Terence Dunn teaching the The Yang 108 Long Form. Starts with a 7-minute explanation of Tai Chi (while Terry does the Yang Long Form at dawn on a beach), the 10-minutes of breathing and warm-up, 20-minutes of introduction to basic postures; 60 minutes of step-by-step instruction on the 108 postures of the Yang Long Form; and then a 15-minute demonstration of the 108 Yang Long Form.
  • Scott Cole - Scott is a well known fitness instructor who is a regular on television and has appeared in over 300 publications. His Tai Chi credentials aren't quite so stellar and his Tai Chi is a nontraditional form. He will disappoint someone looking for a traditional style... but may be just right for someone who is looking for an easy style that can be practiced in a space poor environment.
  • Dr. Keith Jeffrey.
    • Tai Chi for Busy People - by Dr. Keith Jeffrey. A solid introduction to Tai Chi by Dr. Keith Jeffrey. Teaches a 5-minute easy-to-memorize "infinite nine" form. Clearly and easily untangles each step and hand movement. Uses a wall of mirrors to show front and back views of each movement. Teaches the form in small, manageable sections of the sequences. Includes a supplementary audio tape.
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